Marwin Valve

Southwest Valve, Inc. is a dealer for Marwin Valve.

Here is some history on Marwin from

Richards Industries acquired Marwin Valve in 1998 and has worked to expand the product line offering.

Marwin Valve is well recognized throughout the industry as a leader in providing effective industrial valve solutions, whether this calls for product enhancements, special designs, special materials or new products. Marwin is known for its high quality products and customer service – our sales staff is experienced and readily available to answer your technical questions and solve your service problems. The Marwin line can handle almost any application including corrosive, erosive, high temperature, low temperature, cryogenic, high cycle, high pressure, and a wide range of process applications.

Our products can be found in a variety of industries including chemical and petrochemical, oil & gas, petroleum production, power generation, primary metals, pulp & paper, textiles, and water & sewage.

Marwin Valve excels in specialty-type valves – whether you require a carbon-seated valve, a metal-seated valve, or valves with exotic materials including Hastelloy, Monel and Titanium. Marwin is dedicated to providing a full line for your process needs including two piece, three piece, flanged, and three way/four way valves. In addition, Marwin offers a wide range of seat and seal materials as well as end connections to meet customer requirements. You can specify our valves complete with pneumatic or electric actuators along with our extensive line of control accessories.

Marwin works with the customer to meet application needs. Our Engineering department is available to provide solutions to non-standard requirements. We can provide modifications to our standard product lines, special materials of construction and non-standard automated accessories. Just give us a call at 513-533-7340.

Marwin Valve is a division of Richards Industries and is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Richards Industries is the parent company of three other distinct industrial product lines: Jordan Valve – pressure regulators, control valves, sanitary valves, and accessories; Hex Valve – instrument valves and manifolds; and Bestobell Steam Traps – steam traps and steam specialty equipment.

Richards Industries meets customer needs with a wide range of new and proven manufacturing technologies. Complete in-house CNC machining, painting, assembly and testing, along with material traceability and extensive quality procedures assures that Richards Industries products will exceed your expectation.