PK Valve

Southwest Valve is a dealer for PK Valve.

Here is some history on PK Valve from their parent company website,

PK is located in Chang Won City, a modern, well-kept, heavy industrial area of Pusan, Korea. The PK facility was built in 1975 as a completely integrated valve manufacturing plant. Within the walls of the complex you have multiple buildings designed to provide specific functions from pattern making to valve assembly and test.

The PK business employs about 325 dedicated people involved in all aspects of valve manufacturing. The annual turn over is approximately $40 million dollars depending on business environment and exchange rates. PK is not just another commodity valve manufacture. Their depth of engineering and manufacturing capabilities along with the breath of the product range are key marketing strengths. These strengths are witnessed in the factories ability to manufacture valves for projects involving a multitude of items from triple offset butterfly valves to large cryogenic gate valves.

PK is more self-sufficient than most valve manufactures in the world today. They do all their design and engineering in house. They manufacture their own patterns for their foundries using the latest computerized gating programs. PK HAS two foundries: one for the cast carbon and alloy steels and one for the stainless steels. These foundries are not equipped with high capacity molding lines to produce long runs of a small range of items but rather are designed for moderate quantities of medium to large size castings. All the normal quality control processes are apparent in addition to the capability to do in house radiography. PK maintains an on going systematic casting quality improvement program which has enabled them to achieve consistent level 2 casting quality. The PK machining facilities range from state of the art CNC equipment to large boring and welding machines used to manufacture items as large as 60″ gate valves. The testing, inspection, and shipment preparation areas are meticulously and rigorously maintained. We invite you to view our snap shots of the PK manufacturing facilities.