Southwest Valve, Inc. is an Authorized Distributor of US Valve & Techno check Valve Product Lines.

US Valve / Techno check is a low pressure check valve manufacturer headquartered in New Jersey, with manufacturing locations in Maryland, Europe & Asia.  With an extensive inventory of bodies, parts, and components (in many materials), valves are typically assembled & tested within a few days after receipt of an order.  The Techno Product Line was acquired from Cameron in April of 2016.

US Valve & Techno Check Lines offered include Grooved End, Male NPT, Flanged, Plain End, Single & Double Disc Wafer Checks, Dual Plate, Wafer Checks, and so much more.

US Valve/Techno Check Product Lines offered include:

US Valve CS, SS, & Iron ANSI Class Dual Plate Wafer Check Valve

Techno Male NPT, Grooved & Plain End Check Valves

Techno Flanged Check Valves

Techno Dual-Plate, Metal Hinged Wafer Check Valves

Techno EH Wafer Style Check Valves

Techno Single Disc Wafer


US Valve DPW-Brochure
Techno Male, NPT, Grooved, & Plain
Techno Full-Flanged
Techno Dual Plate Wafer
Techno Elast-Hinge Wafer
Techno Single Disc Wafer